Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Why Glass Cubicles are better?

Glass cubicles are one of the trendiest office fittings right now. This is because replacing the traditional cubicle walls in office with class can bring out an entirely new energy in the office space. The reasons why glass cubicles are better are:


Glass cubicles are as economical as the traditional ones. They are also durable and easier to clean and maintain.


Glass cubicles allow maximum sunlight to flow through the office space. The result is that the premises appear and feel airy and the workstations are not shadowed by opaque cubicle walls. Furthermore, studies show that sunlight, instead of fluorescent office lights, can increase work productivity.


Floor to ceiling glass panels keep the noise pollution at minimum. Workers no longer have to listen to each others’ loud phone calls and this maintains a sense of privacy throughout the workspace.


Since glass panels are see-through, employees can feel like a part of team seeing their colleagues working alongside, instead of being cornered into an aloof dark cubicle. This encourages better team work while maintaining the privacy of individual cubicles.


Curtains and shades can easily be installed to provide temporary privacy in conferences rooms or even individual offices. Furthermore, tinted and decorative glass options are always available to incorporate an element of design in the interior.

Impala Glass Industries ltd provides the one of the most competitive and quality selection of engraved and clear glass for cubicles along with solutions for all your different glass needs. Visit for more information.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Kenya Green Building Society

To live a healthy life is what we all desire. An environment with greenery and fresh air is loved by everyone. Keeping this in mind Kenya Green Building Society is developed to spread the awareness of a green environment. Impala Glass Industries Limited is a proud corporate member of this association.
Kenya Green Building Society is a non-profit, non-political organization that was formed in 2012 as the Kenyan chapter of the World Green Building Council, to lead the green movement in Kenya’s built environment. They advocate for green building practices, educate accredited professionals, certify green buildings and build networks for a national movement that will change the way they build forever.
Impala Glass Industries provides glass solutions that adhere to the specific rating tools provided by the Kenya Green Building Society which seeks to lead the transformation in the construction industry towards environmentally sustainable buildings, promoting healthy and efficient environments which control the temperature inside. Together with the Real estate community we strive to achieve a greener environment . Join hands to make Kenya a better place with clean and green environment and visit

Monday, March 20, 2017

Design your Glass Facade

Making and taking advantage of the developing interest for advanced digital printed glass is necessary to building up a solid printed glass preparing line. From making examples of overcoming adversity and wandering into the universe of online networking, to up close and personal gatherings with engineers and printed glass tests, glass processing organizations are improving the way they work together with regards to offering advanced artistic printed glass.

Impala Glass Industries is taking the construction industry by storm, being the only plant in East Africa with a full set up for digitally printed glass which is used in a wide range of areas, offering Optimum and fast Solutions for glass styling for both indoors and Outdoors. Computerized printing has enhanced the quality, amount and determination of symbolism on glass. The brilliance of present day computerized printing by Impala Glass Industries is significantly more enhanced In contrast with silk screened printing from the past days.

Based on the client’s desire specifications and preferences, the glass panels are printed in high resolution vivid colors with several colors printed simultaneously. Impala Glass Industries takes clients inclinations and makes its own remarkable prints on the glass. Glass Facades have become a point of interest with ceramic digital printing making it possible to print large-format pictures and graphics by dividing them up into small sections which bring your imagination to life. Facade specialists like to print different types of designs on facades which give a complete finished look. Digital printing options have enabled specialists to blend surroundings with designs imprinted on glass this way, complete building facades can be styled according to your wishes – with logos, pictures vector patterns or ornamentation. Print colors: black, white, green, blue, yellow, red, orange and colors mixed. Simply anything can be imprinted on the glass; however the outlines are advanced independently by the customers at Impala Glass Industries. Appropriate blends of outline parameters which are significant to the place are chosen. 

Fun Fact, Having Digitally Printed Glass Facades is one way to reduce Bird Collision.

Give your building a unique blend of artistic images and architecture. Visit to get more details.